Laptop Repairs

There are many things that go wrong with portable PC’s.
One of the major failure on laptops is the Hard Disk Drive.
We have seen a lot of Hard Disk Drives fail, some with total loss of data.
A few we had recovered in our workshop.
Some had to be sent to specialised recovery company.
To avoid data loss Hard Disk Drives should be replaced as soon as minor faults detected.
This is noticed when the system does a check disk at every boot, you PC fails to shut down or slows to a crawl.
The next thing to fail is the DC Connector, this is where the AC charger is plugged in.
Signs of this are:
DC Connector overheats, PC will not power on, PC will suddenly power off,
battery will not charge. We stock DC Connectors for all PC’s. Repair turnaround is 24 hours.

There are also problems with LCD or the newer LED panels. Backlights fail to turn on or broken panels. We stock most popular panels, others we order in. Turnaround repair for this is 1-3 days.


Yes we do repair iMac and MacBooks!